The new generation of Land Rover Defenders is the world's first to be equipped with the latest all-terrain system

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At the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover released the much-anticipated Land Rover new generation of guards, and it is reported that the new Land Rover Defenders will be delivered to the market in 2020. The price of the UK was announced at the site for the 90 series of 35,000-40000 pounds (about 30.74-35.13 million yuan), and the 110 series was 45240 pounds (about 397,300 yuan).

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In terms of appearance, the guards inherited the design of the Land Rover minimalism, the car line is very simple, but it is this simple, can have a longer vitality. In terms of vehicle positioning, with the birth of a new generation of guards, the Land Rover family is divided into three directions, one is the luxury style represented by Range Rover, one is the multi-functional style represented by the discovery, and the other is the hard-core and durable represented by the guards. style.

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The shape of the new car is completely different from the earliest exposed DC100 concept car because Land Rover's design team adopted consumer feedback in the later stage, and finally got such a hard-core SUV with a model. Land Rover hopes that the guards will be authentic, but at the same time, they must adapt to the trend of the times. The front and rear of the car use a large number of vertical lines, minimalist air intake grille and front surround to make the visual tougher. The bonnet does not have a squat structure, but an embedded shape. The air intake is designed on the left side, so the mesh is not fake, but the right side of the mesh grill is virtual. The wading depth of the new car reaches 900mm. With the wading mode, the road can be judged by the computer to help the driver pass the deepwater area.

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The flat waistline on the side reduces the visual center of gravity, and the door handle does not use a hidden design, which is consciously designed by the designer's preferences. The 90 version has a wheelbase of 2.59 meters and the 110 version has a wheelbase of 3.02 meters. The whole vehicle is designed to achieve the golden ratio as much as possible, thus providing a more perfect visual experience.

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In terms of sexuality, the new car provides an approach angle of 38° and a departure angle of 40° with a minimum ground clearance of 291 mm. The front suspension is 845mm long and the rear suspension is 891mm. These two parameters ensure that the guard has a large enough approach angle and departure angle. The minimum passing angle is 31° for the 90 models and 28° for the 110 models. The suspension is equipped with an air suspension. The maximum travel of the rack system is 195mm. The rims are available in 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch versions, which correspond to the wild and the city. If you have more heavy cross-country, the smaller rims will be equipped with thick tires and more suitable for outdoor use. Survive, and if the city uses more, then the large size of the rim is better, it is the style that must be chosen.

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The body is available in four options: Adventure, Expedition, Jungle, and Urban. Each pack offers a unique style, while New Guard offers 170 accessories for a total of owners. For official accessories, In fact, this number is very rich, and also provides 6 style painting to meet individual needs. In terms of paint, the guards also offer 7 colors, including three new metal colors for Land Rover Defender: ANZ Blue, Gulu Brown and Pangu Green, and other conventional colors: Fuji White, Eiger Gray, Santorini Black, and Indian silver. The exclusive color can be selected as a matt protective film, which can better protect the paint and reduce the damage caused by the rubbing. In addition, there will be five colors to be launched in the future. For the guards, personality is a very important part.

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The interior is also an earth-shaking change. The old guardian tools used to have more attributes, so they are not very concerned about humanization, and the new car is different. It has become luxurious and comfortable. The designer said that the new model uses a lot of modular design, I think the interior as a whole is more easily understood by the current popular wind. The center console is made of magnesium alloy. The surface coating process is mostly used on the bottom of the car for some protection, but the designer thinks this is very good, so it is now used directly in the interior, and the actual effect is also Very good.

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The view is still wide, the seat position is 35mm higher than the Range Rover, and the so-called commander sitting position, that is, everything is in front of you, it seems that everything is controlled by you, this feeling is actually very wonderful, Mercedes-Benz G is also this feeling. The 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel + 10-inch touch screen is what modern cars should look like. The entertainment system is the latest PIVI Pro, which supports a freely customizable display interface and supports real-time upgrades. In addition, for mobile phone systems, Baidu CarLife, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto provide support, which is good news for domestic users.

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In terms of interior materials, Land Rover uses a large number of renewable materials for the interior to enhance the protection of the environment. In terms of seat material, the standard model is Resolve fabric, while the S and SE versions use grained leather and strong high-density has woven fabric with microfiber in the most wearable position. It is also used in Land Rover's early series I. The draped roof is a tribute. The HSE version uses high-end Windsor leather, while the X version uses Windsor leather and Steelcut high-grade fabric stitching from Nordic high-end fabric brand Kvadrat. It contains 30% wool and is designed with Miko suede leather touch. 

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The new generation models feature the D7x all-aluminum construction, which eliminates the previous gird body structure and becomes a load-bearing body structure. In terms of strength, the official information indicates that the new frame is 10 times stronger than the traditional load-bearing body, three times stronger than the traditional non-loaded body, and can reach a vertical load of up to 7 tons, and 6.5. Tons of traction fixed-point traction load.

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A four-wheel-drive system with a second-generation intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptive system, providing 9 modes of guardian (8 terrain and driving modes + 1 wading mode), including automatic mode, normal driving mode, grass / gravel / Snow mode , mud/rut mode, sand mode, large rock/cobble slow mode, dynamic mode, energy-saving mode, and wading mode, when the wading mode is activated, the system will automatically optimize the throttle response and set the heating. And ventilate the air inside the car, lock the transmission system and adjust the height of the car to the off-road setting, so that the user can grasp the surrounding water depth. The new model is also equipped with a two-speed transfer case and a rear axle differential that can be locked. In addition, the 360° panorama with the “perspective system” gives the driver a more comprehensive view of the surrounding road conditions.

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The air suspension offers a variety of height options. In off-road mode, the height of the car can be increased by 75 mm, ensuring maximum comfort in any terrain. If necessary, the air suspension can also raise the height of the car by another 70 mm with a total lift distance of 145 mm. After opening the door at the destination, the body will be automatically lowered by 50 mm for easy access. In terms of structure, the front suspension is a double-wishbone structure, and the rear suspension is a multi-link structure with an H-arm lower control arm.

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In terms of power, the new car will offer four power options, a 400Ps 6-cylinder petrol booster engine with MHEV, an 11kW BSG motor, and a 300Ps 4-cylinder petrol booster engine. The cylinder diesel engine has the power of 240Ps and 200Ps respectively, and the gearbox is 8-speed automatic transmission.


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