Car High Temperature Weather Blasting Precautions

In the hot summer, the car's flat tire rate is often much higher than in other seasons. Therefore, in the hot weather, pay more attention to the use of car tires. The following small series will organize the maintenance skills of four car tires.

First, always check the tire pressure, including the tire pressure of the spare tire. In the hot summer sun, the tires are in contact with the hot ground. If the tire pressure is high, it is likely to cause a puncture. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a suitable tire pressure at high temperatures.

Second, if the tire temperature is found to be too high, the tire pressure should be stopped in a cool place, so that the temperature and pressure of the tire naturally drop, and water and temperature should not be poured.

Third, the tires must be inspected before driving. In the rainy season, the depth of the tread should never be less than 1.6 mm, preferably more than 3 mm. Because the pattern depth of the tire is too shallow, the drainage capacity of the tire is reduced, resulting in a decrease in wet grip and affecting the safety of driving, especially after Wheel tires may experience skidding or tailing when cornering.

Fourth, you should choose quality tires and change tires regularly. Summer is a season of puncture accidents, causing a lot of punctures. The deterioration of tire performance is the culprit. Even if the tires are durable, they can't be used for a lifetime. When the tire gradually wears, the steel layer gradually fatigues, and the tread ages, its performance is also inevitable. If it is driven at high speed in a high-temperature environment, it is easy to trigger hidden dangers.


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