Full-generation BMW M340i (G20) modified case wheel upgrade tire widening

The BMW 3 Series has been in development since 1975 and has been in existence for 44 years. The new generation of the BMW 3 Series (G20/G28) has attracted everyone's attention from the release to the market. This issue will bring a new generation of BMW 3 Series (G20). ) The top model M340i modified case.


BMW M340i (G20) modified

BMW M340i (G20) interior modification

In fact , models like the BMW M3 40i have always had a lot of controversy. Many people say that they are not as good as pure M models. The owner said that the M340i fully meets his requirements for acceleration performance: 3.0T, 382, ​​500 Nm (rear drive) Breaking 4.4 seconds, four-wheel drive version 4.1 seconds), and not off the track, the overall adjustment of the M340i can better meet the daily travel needs.

BMW M340i (G20) interior accessories

For the M340i, the owner is most dissatisfied with the original 19-inch wheels, although it is also equipped with Michelin tires , but the front and rear are 225/40/R19 Pirelli P7 all-season tires, for occasional intense driving is still a little worse.

BMW M340i (G20)

BMW M340i (G20) interior

After screening, the owner finally modified a Vorsteiner VFF-112 wheel and equipped with Michelin PILOT SPORT4S performance tires , and the tire width was upgraded to the front 255/265.

BMW M340i (G20) interior modified


In the next step, the owner is ready to modify the black mesh grille to completely blacken the exterior of the car. At the same time, the original rear guide shape is too mediocre. If there is a suitable product, it will be replaced.

BMW M340i (G20) interior parts

BMW 3 Series Interior Parts



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