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The best good looking car interior in 2019, which one is your favorite ?

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With the general improvement of people's tastes in life, the value of the face is becoming more and more important in this society. The same is true for a car. Good value for a car is a big part. If the shape is for others, then the interior is for yourself, because it is the place you have been in contact with this car for the longest time. Today, Xiaobian is going to collect for everyone. The best looking car interior in 2018, which 8 cars, which one do you like the most?

Lexus LC500/500h

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Editor Comments: LC's interior, perhaps you will feel that it's fighting atmosphere is not strong enough, but this may be the original intention of the designer, he is pursuing more of a sense of intimacy, the atmosphere of the car that can get along for a long time. Relatively speaking, its sense of luxury is more prominent, whether it is workmanship or materials are meticulous, every detail can stand up to the examination, such as the use of materials in the car is very consistent with the characteristics of Lexus, the entire car is covered by a large area covered with leather and Alcantara materials, with the embellishment of magnesium alloy metal elements, the delicate stitching of the center console and the delicate punching of the leather seats make the interior feel impeccable.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

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Editor Comments: GIULIA's overall interior feels like a driver's center. The layout of the center console is asymmetrical design, which is obviously biased towards the driver. This is different from the German brand. The interior uses a large amount of solid wood, brushed aluminum, carbon fiber materials and even so-called Italian leather materials to create a strong sports atmosphere. The steering wheel is the biggest highlight of the interior, and the design logic similar to Ferrari gives the driver a strong sensory stimulus, especially the one-button start button on the steering wheel.

Volvo Asia Pacific S90

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Editor Comments: The domestic Volvo S90L has inherited the original design, layout, and configuration of the imported version of the original model, full of rich Nordic style. Hand-feeled leather, dense stitching stitches, white birch decorative panels with natural texture, and speaker masks with matte metal brushing and matte aluminum door handles, all ingenious designs and decorations create the S90L A refined and elegant interior. At the same time, the domestic Volvo S90L is equipped with the "Bowers & Wilkins" audio brand, which enhances the ride comfort of the whole vehicle.

Bentley Tim

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Editor Comments: As a top-class luxury SUV, Timu is still the same as Bentley's gorgeous, the space above the foot of the car is almost covered by leather, wood veneer and shiny chrome decoration is nowhere No, the plaid seat and the fine quilting are the exquisite and value that you can create by hand. Buyers can freely match in 15 skin colors and 7 different materials to further ensure their own. Tim Yue is not the same as the other people.


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Editor Comments: MINI interior style is still based on "circle", but the momentum of personality design has been weakened a lot, the overall preference for practicality under the premise of retaining fashion elements. It is worth mentioning that the new MINI adds the M-flag light-transparent panel in front of the co-pilot, which is very pleasing with the ambient light and is available in a variety of colors. The buttons below the air-conditioned area are made of metal and have an excellent texture.

Dongfeng Infiniti QX50

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Editor Comments: Dongfeng Infiniti's new QX50 interior is not only elegant enough, but also exceeds expectations. The car is covered with a large number of Ultrasuede suede materials, which is more excellent for luxury. A number of curves run through the entire panel, creating a warm, technologically rich, embracing design that creates a unique ride.

Dongfeng Peugeot 5008

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Editor Comments: 5008 interior can be described as the current Wei, and the shape of the 4008 is exactly the same. This style is called "i-Cockpit cockpit" by Peugeot. The top of the center console is made of soft material, which meets the material requirements of this class. The top-of-the-line luxury GT version is an oak panel. The steering wheel is small in size and the oval shape looks unique. The silver trim with the GT logo and the perforated leather on both sides are only visible on the top model.

Great Wall Motor WEY VV7

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Editor Comments: The center console of the VV7 follows the curved shape of the shape and tilts slightly toward the driver. It is estimated that some people say that the interior of the VV7 is like the Audi A3. It is a bit like the first look, especially the circular air outlet is similar to the floating LCD screen, but you can't find it except the only "similar". What other identical designs. Even if you don't feel like it, you can only say that the interior of the VV7 is much better.

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