How to give your car more power?

In China, because the history of the car is relatively short, people are not familiar with the modified car. They generally think that it is just changing the internal configuration of the car, or making some adjustments to the appearance of the car, such as pickup truck cover, the van is removed. A row of seats becomes a small truck with carrying capacity and the like.

In fact, the real modified car is not to adjust the configuration of the car or change the appearance of the car, but to make major changes to the core of the car. For example, many people want to make their car comparable to Ferrari, which requires detailed improvements to the car's engine range. In general, the main purpose of most modified fans is to improve the car's power, and the power system modification is the top priority of car modification. To improve the power of the car, it is necessary to replace the torch, the fuse line and the sponge, the fuel-saving accelerator, the water burner, the horsepower riser, the electronic rectifier, and the exhaust pipe. In addition, there are many people who want to improve the comfort and safety of the car. This requires improvements to the chassis of the car.

The main modifications include shock absorbers, brake steel hoses, rims, front roof bars, rear roof bars, front Undercarriage, rear chassis, etc. As for other improvements, it varies from person to person. Some people want to improve the sound of the car. Some people want to install a DVD in the car. Some people even want to install a GPS positioning system in the car. All these are just the embodiment of people's personalization. In today's advocacy of individualism, a wide variety of modified cars emerge in an endless stream, becoming a flowing landscape in the streets.

So, how can we modify the car's power performance and performance? Please look down:

1. Spark plug: The ordinary nickel-copper spark plug with low cost, short life to 20,000 km, poor high-temperature resistance and low ignition energy is changed to a long life of up to 100,000 km, high-temperature resistance above 2000 °C, and strong ignition capability, but correspondingly High-cost base metal spark plugs are an entry method. Pay attention to the choice of the heat resistance value. If the engine is too low, the engine will accelerate. If it is too high, the carbon deposit will occur. Naturally aspirated vehicles can achieve the purpose of strengthening from 5 degrees to 7 degrees per day, and turbocharged vehicles are better than 7 degrees. Note: Generally, the Japanese spark plugs increase in increments with the nominal 5 degrees, 6 degrees, 7 degrees, etc., but the European system such as the Bosch spark plug is just the opposite.

2. Various instruments: Because the data transmission is not accurate, the original car pointer type instrument often can not meet the requirements of the heavy-duty modified car to meet the fine monitoring conditions, so it needs to be replaced.

3. High-angle camshaft: The valve lift and opening angle are larger, ensuring more combustible mixture enters the cylinder and the exhaust is smoother.

4. Main reduction ratio and each gear: The main reduction ratio is increased, and the gear ratio of 1 to 4 gears is encrypted, which can improve the acceleration of the whole vehicle, but at the cost of reducing the speed. Therefore, it is possible to compensate for the lost speed by increasing the tail teeth, 2 to 4 gear ratio encryption, and 5 gears.

5. High- voltage line: replace the high-resistance line of the original car with a low-resistance line of 5,000 ohms into a low-resistance line, so that the energy released by the ignition coil is transmitted to the spark plug to the greatest extent, but beware of jumping, interference and other symptoms.

6. Balance bar: Connect the vehicle shock tower to enhance the rigidity of the car body and prevent the shock and even the body deformation due to the intense control.

7. Increase the throttle: to significantly increase the intake airflow, but without control, the engine will knock due to the low oil-air mixture ratio.

8. Light piston with high compression ratio: reduce the engine crankshaft and connecting rod load, the engine responds quickly and the explosive force is stronger.

9. Fuel regulating valve: The original return valve is generally 2.5 to 4 kPa. The pressure values ​​of the models are different and cannot be adjusted. The addition of fuel boosting can increase the return pressure, slow down the oil discharge, and increase the injection pressure. The injection spray is more perfect at the same time as the injection volume is increased.

10. Ground wire: By strengthening the ground wire, it can reduce the interference of various electrical equipment and ensure the stable operation of power generation and power equipment.

11. Air force kit: that is, the aerodynamic kit, usually composed of the front air intake dam, the double front wing, the side skirt, the trailing edge, and the rear wing, which adjusts the air direction of the vehicle body according to the demand while making the visual sense of the vehicle body strong. With auxiliary power. There are heavier aluminum alloys, lighter but brittle cold carbon fibers and light and tough hot carbon fiber materials, but hot carbon fiber is more expensive than the car.

12. Computer adjustment: Modify the ECU program to increase the oil supply, delay the oil break time, and adjust the horsepower output linearity.

13. Light flywheel: If the flywheel that is responsible for balance will affect the re-acceleration if it is too heavy, the light flywheel can be replaced to obtain a good acceleration response, and the oil separation must be more accurate.

14. Tires and rims: High flat ratio performance tires can be more responsive and less deformed during vehicle steering, resulting in an increased grip. Compared with cast aluminum alloy wheels with lighter weight, higher hardness, and better heat dissipation, the forged alloy ring is lighter in weight, higher in strength and higher in cost.

15. Inlet and exhaust pipe polishing: reduce the intake and exhaust resistance and improve engine power.

16. High-flow air filter: increase engine lung capacity, reduce intake resistance, filter and heat insulation is also very good, is a must for primary conversion.

17. Modification of turbocharging: By adding a turbocharger to a naturally aspirated vehicle or replacing a medium-cooled and larger-sized turbine for a turbocharged vehicle to achieve a substantial horsepower boost.

18. Exhaust system: If you change to the entire straight row, you can get smooth high-speed.


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