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How to judge whether the damper is faulty?

The shock absorber is an indispensable configuration of our vehicle. Its main function is to restrain the reciprocating motion and the impact from the road when the spring rebounds after shock absorption. Although the shock absorber spring can filter the vibration of the road surface when passing through an uneven road surface, the spring itself will have a shock, and the shock absorber functions to suppress the reciprocating motion of the spring.

Let's take a quick look at the damper failure judgment through this section of "Car Encyclopedia":
 The damper is an important part of the vehicle. If the damper is broken, it will not have much effect on the body support, but without the shock absorber, it will not cause the spring to rebound. The most obvious feeling is the stability of the vehicle. The performance is poor, and when passing through the speed bump or the pavement, the vehicle will obviously sway up and down. When passing through the non-paved road, it will produce a serious bounce. When passing the corner, the tire will also be caused by the vibration of the spring. Insufficient grip, so we have certain dangers when driving, so it is necessary to check our shock absorbers during maintenance.

So how do you judge whether the damper is good or bad?

    1. Press the front or rear of the car firmly, then release it immediately. If the vehicle has only 1-2 bounces, the shock absorber works well.

    2, the car is slow to drive and then emergency braking, if the car vibration is more severe, indicating that the shock absorber has problems;

    3. If the vehicle bounces 3-4 times when passing the speed bump, it indicates that there is a problem with the shock absorber;

    4. Observe whether there is any oil leakage outside the damper;

    5. Driving on a road with good road conditions, you may have problems when you hear abnormal noise from the shock absorber.

Do shock absorbers have to be replaced in pairs?

    To divide the situation, if there is a situation of oil leakage or abnormal noise, and the road conditions we usually drive are not bad, the number of kilometers of the car is not too much. In this case, only one replacement is needed, there is no need to replace two. root. If the road conditions are not very good every day, often run some non-paved roads, the number of kilometers of the car is also more, in this case, it is best to replace both at the same time. Because the damage of the shock absorber has a lot to do with our normal road conditions, if the non-paved road is often taken, the performance of the shock absorber will be more. If only one is changed, the hardness difference between the two sides is large, and the hard side is soft, which will affect the stability of the vehicle.

    The life of the shock absorber is generally long. It is not a problem to use a 5-6 year or 80-100,000 km under normal conditions. In addition, if the shock absorber is replaced, you need to do four wheel alignment.

How to judge whether the damper is faulty?

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