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2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Maintenance Cycle Maintenance Time

Although the 2019-2020 BMW 3 Series was already listed soon, there are already many friends who have just purchased a new car to ask editor. What is the maintenance cycle time of the 2020 BMW 3 Series? In fact, this problem has a detailed introduction with the car manual, except. In addition, if a car has a plan to use it for a long time, it can be divided into three-lifetime maintenance. Today, editor will talk to you about the maintenance cycle of the 2020 BMW 3 Series.

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◆1-4 years: adolescence

The first two years of a car's use are the peak of life. As long as the routine maintenance is carried out, there will be basically no problem, but the car that is more than two years old will start to replace some of the most wearable parts.


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Brake Pads:

The car needs to be replaced with a new brake pad after two or three years of use. When a car is sent for repair, first check its brake pads, because the brake pads are the first line of defense for driving safety. According to experience, the brake pads will be worn out in about two years. Of course, the exact period of use depends on the driver's habits. If you are the kind of person who likes to step on a lot of oil and then slam on the brakes at critical times, the brake pads will wear more and the life will be shorter.

Fuel pump:

When the car was opened for more than two years, the fuel pump should be almost cleaned or replaced.

Shock absorber :

When the car is in three or four years, it may not be as smooth as a new car. In this case, the shock absorber of the car should be inspected. The purpose of the damper is to reduce the vibration of the car. It is part of the suspension system. If the spring of the damper is no longer elastic, it will shake very much at high speeds, and it is particularly dangerous when it rains.

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◆4-7 years: middle age

At this time, the car is like "people to middle age", and many things are loose, including various rubber tubes in the car, problems under the car cover. Many car owners often start to change cars when they drive to four or five years, and some used car buyers like to buy this car.

Timing belt:

If you drive a car for about 4 years, you should pay attention to whether the timing belt should be changed. When the car is driving 70,000 to 100,000 kilometers, it should be sent to change the belt. If it is not replaced in time, the car will travel halfway. If the belt suddenly breaks at the timing, the maintenance cost is at least several hundred yuan.

Rubber tube:

If the car of this age is not well maintained, the problem of black oil leakage and water leakage will appear. This is very natural, the rubber tube is worn out, and there will always be aging problems. If the owner of the car is well maintained, the problem of aging will appear later.

Water tank:

In the car of about 5 years, the water tank may be corroded by chemicals inside, and some of the water tanks of the car begin to leak water, and the water tanks need to be replaced.

Regularly change the engine oil, filters, etc., spend a small amount of money, you can save a lot of money, and drive more secure.

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◆ 7-10 years: old age

Due to the limitation of the life of the car, in China, the car should generally retire after 10 years. If properly maintained, the car can still complete the mission as scheduled. But after seven years, the car gradually entered the old age. At this "age", the small parts that were replaced in the third and fourth years should be replaced again, such as shock absorbers. In addition, most of the automatic transmission car maintenance should be automatic at this time the gearbox.

Maintenance of automatic transmission:

The owner of the automatic shifting car has a complicated and precise gearbox structure. When driving an automatic shifting car, in order to drive freely during life and stay in good condition, the owner must pay more attention to the difference. The gears are used interchangeably, and the maintenance must not be saved. This will extend the life of the automatic transmission.

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