Huaxia travels to become a practitioner of the western development

At the 2019 China Travel Performance Communication Meeting held recently, Huaxia Travel shared its development strategy plan and achievements and progress, and discussed hot topics such as the development of the western region, the policy of the Belt and Road, and the way of travel in the future. The “Mofan Travel”, “Mofan Express” and “Huaxia 318”, which are heavily distributed in the western towns, constitute the “star brand trident” that Huaxia travels to break through the western market and has received extensive attention and recognition.

All along, Huaxia Travel insists on relying on intelligent technology means to gradually realize the evolution of the networked service ecosystem from unilateral travel brands to multilateral cities, and finally complete the industrial barriers of closed-loop ecological value chain in the vertical and vertical new travel scenes. .

Creating a virtuous cycle solution for the whole life cycle of vehicles

Huaxia Travel shoulders the historical responsibility of BAIC Group's transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprises to manufacturing service and innovative enterprises. In the constant transformation of the new economic form, the automobile industry continues to break the boundaries of the industry, and based on the continuous extension of the consumer value chain, Huaxia Travel is taking this opportunity to quickly open up its own post-market map in the new pattern of consumer competition.

Huaxia Travel focuses on the development strategy of “Travel + Value-added Services”, taking the deep development of the whole travel scene as a closed loop, casting the core competitive advantage of Huaxia Travel, and building a time-sharing lease, network car, urban home logistics, tourism exhibition, health care The comprehensive travel service platform for all-travel scenarios such as off-road self-driving, around the MSX2.0 strategy, Huaxia travel also made a brand new upgrade this year, and named the travel brand as the Mofan department, and named the value-added service brand as Huaxia. system. Under the Mofan brand system, it includes time-sharing star brand-Mofan travel, urban green logistics brand-Mofan Express, official car protection brand-Beijing travel, network car business brand-Mofan car, car rental brand -Mofan car rental, and the second-hand car business brand that is about to start - Mofan used car, a second-hand car industry that focuses on the second-hand efficient disposal of the travel industry model, in order to enhance the travel car user experience of the used car industry to be released.

Through the strategic layout of China Travel, the Mofan brand has formed a coverage of manned and loaded goods, self-driving and riding, civil and official, short-term rental, time-rent and long-term rental, covering the production of customized front-end models to travel services until the used cars A systematic, full-scene travel solution that handles a virtuous cycle throughout the life cycle of an efficient vehicle.

In the service business matrix of China Travel, “Hua Xing Xing Da” covers the panoramic service unit of marketing consultants, conference and exhibition, business travel and private custom tourism. “Huaxia Health” is a dedicated health consultant with private doctors, appointment registration, and overseas medical care. “Huaxia 318”, the first domestic off-road self-driving professional brand, provides the best choice for cross-country driving in the Pan-Western region with off-road self-driving, travel guides, transportation, medical rescue and other ancillary services, and vigorously promotes China's cross-country culture and self-driving culture. After the brand upgrade, the overall strategic design of Huaxia Travel is clearer, and it is easier to occupy the user's mind and form a category association matrix.

Breaking the opportunity to share the profit problem of travel and travel. The forward-looking eyes took the lead in launching the automotive aftermarket. Focusing on the two core business clusters of “travel + value-added services”, with time-sharing as the starting point, the service space of its own platform was expanded, combined with consumption upgrade and consumption. The market trend of value differentiation will combine the time-sharing brand “Mofan Travel”, the off-road self-driving service brand “Huaxia 318” and the urban logistics brand “Mofan Express” to form a mesh linkage effect for users in Southwest China. Provide one-stop service solution of “Internet + Transportation + Tourism” across cities and scenarios.

As a model demonstration area in the expansion map of China Travel, Southwest China has invested a large amount of people, money and materials to cultivate new kinetic energy for travel in the Southwest. While realizing the expansion of the market in the southwest region, it will help the southwest region to cultivate new growth points, create new kinetic energy, and establish an internationally competitive industrial system in terms of green and low carbon, shared economy, modern travel industry chain, and expansion of employment opportunities.

When talking about how to break the profit sharing problem of travel, Hua Dian, secretary of the party committee and general manager of Huaxia, said that there are “three big mountains” in the shared travel field, the procurement cost of vehicles, insurance and operation and maintenance costs. Huaxia travel can rely on the resource advantages of BAIC Group to reduce the vehicle procurement cost, improve the vehicle customization and subtraction method, and increase the configuration required for the shared vehicle to reduce the configuration to achieve the exclusive customized model. In the insurance field, China Travel adheres to the continuous optimization of insurance plans with downstream insurance companies, and continuously strives to reduce costs in terms of insurance types and insurance methods. In operation and maintenance, relying on the advantages of China's leading intelligent operation and monitoring center system, it is more scientific and accurate to achieve operational support and command and dispatch, maximize operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Forming the benchmark effect of the western development star

China Travel has taken the lead in the southwest region with the three major star brands of “Mofan Travel”, “Mofan Express” and “Huaxia 318” to promote the development of the travel industry in the western region.

At present, “Mofan Travel” has invested 40,000 vehicles, 49 operating cities, and 3.8 million registered members. It has opened 1,352 outlets in the southwest region and operated 5,110 vehicles. It only covers Chengdu in “Mofan Travel”. More than 300 outlets such as Wucheng District, Qidu District, Xindu District, Longquanyi District, Shuangliu District, Wenjiang District and Pengzhou have been successfully branded into the Southwest market.

Since its establishment in 2019, the western cross-country self-driving brand has been put into operation in 1400 sets of customized vehicles in Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces and cities. It is estimated that within five years, the number of vehicles in operation in the 12 western provinces will reach 10,000, and the scale and network operation will be fully realized.

“Mofan Express” is the latest extension and new tentacles of Huaxia’s “Mofan” series of travel brands. It is positioned as a new energy city logistics operation service provider, and has become an important strategic force for the development of China’s travel industry in the southwest region. Provide solutions to the satisfaction of urban freight travel needs in Southwest China. At present, it has provided urban logistics services to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users in 8 cities including Chengdu, with a total of 1,725 ​​vehicles.

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