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Do you know why does the car navigation need to install tempered glass film?

Prevent and no scratches
After tempering treatment, it enhances the adsorption and softness of the film, and at the same time, the scientific shockproof buffer hard object hits without splitting. Long-term prevention of scratches, sturdy and durable.
Effective waterproof and antifouling
The surface of the tempered film is treated with a waterproof and oleophobic layer. The touch is smooth and the pen feels smooth. The water droplets on the top of the water show the effect of water drops. The oily water stains have no residue. When the shield is dirty, just wipe it gently, it will be bright as new.
Through the waterproof and oleophobic test, the water and oil dripping will not spread, and it will condense into water drops. Just wipe it gently and the screen will be clean immediately.
Touch screen sensitive
Zero-distance touch, sensitive operation, delicate touch, thermal sensing nanotechnology touch 0 error.
Protect screen hardness
Enhance the tempering hardness and avoid screen breakage; improve the bearing capacity, the glass surface bearing capacity is 7-8 times higher than ordinary glass.
Automatic adsorption function
With adsorption function, four corners can be aligned for adsorption, no bubble generation
Just after the screen is cleaned, align it and put it down.
Spread from one corner to the other, it can be automatically adsorbed without bubbles.
High temperature resistance 85°, low temperature resistance minus 30°
The above product features are suitable for mobile phone transparent film, silk screen film, 4D film
Material: electronic grade float glass
Interpretation of the adhesive layer: the middle structure is AB glue, the A side is bonded with the glass is OCA glue, and the B side is attached to the screen and belongs to the silica gel.
AB glue: 0.1mm thickness, high definition, light transmittance 95%.

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