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Why do luxury cars need screen protector? It is really shocked....

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Have you had any plans to buy a car recently? In addition to unilateral attention to the price of the vehicle to be purchased and related usage information, another concern is related to the situation of the car decoration. Among them, the car foil is the most concerned about car decoration, and it is also a car decoration content that most consumers will choose. So today we are still not so strong in the sunshine, let's talk about the car thin film! Maybe it can help you with screen protector.

What is a car thin film? Why do you need car screen protector?
Car screen protector likes a thin film object attached to the front and rear windshield, side window glass and skylight of the vehicle. This film is also called solar film or explosion-proof film. The role of the film is mainly to block the ultraviolet rays, block part of the heat and prevent the person from accidentally causing the glass to burst (this is also the reason for the name "explosion proof" in the explosion-proof film), and according to the one-way see-through performance of the solar film. To achieve the purpose of protecting personal privacy. In addition, because the solar film has the function of isolating ultraviolet rays and heat insulation, it also reduces the damage caused by ultraviolet rays caused by the contents of the vehicle and the personnel, and also saves fuel consumption at some levels.

"Car thin film is often made of many layers of material."
Since the car foil can be insulated and can prevent ultraviolet rays, why are many luxury cars not attached? Many friends will also ask, since the explosion-proof thermal insulation film has such a good effect, why do many luxury cars do not film? The simplest reason is that these luxury cars already contain heat and UV protection on the window glass. Therefore, many luxury cars do not need to be affixed with explosion-proof insulation film, and even these luxury car films are mostly used to increase privacy.

The hazards of inferior quality explosion-proof insulation film Since the film has more help for our vehicles, how do we choose the film? What are the hazards of poor quality film? Let's start with the harm of inferior membranes. In the big vernacular, the car foil is a "plastic film" that can protect against ultraviolet rays, heat insulation and a certain light transmittance. Don't underestimate this "plastic film" if you stick the explosion-proof heat insulation. If the film quality is very low, it can be very harmful to your life.

"Choose a good quality of hardness screen protector that can help with driving safety and your own health. "
The main hazards are:
First,the low-definition low-definition heat-insulating film has low definition, which is easy to cause blurred vision, dizziness, and slow response, resulting in a car accident;
Second, the low-quality film can't block the glass slag splashed in the event of a car accident, causing bodily injury.
Third, the low-quality film uses a high-contamination material with high odor in the production, so that it is attached to the car.
After the volatilization of pollutants, it will cause pollution inside the car and damage human health.


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