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Do you really love the car? Three minutes to understand car maintenance knowledge

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Today, cars have become an integral part of most families.
Many people's lives are inseparable from the car, when they go to work, when they are working, and when they are at rest, they are more or less able to make our lifestyle more diverse.

The car is serving us every day. If we don't take care of it, it will strike sooner or later. The car is called "seven-point maintenance, three-point repair", so the daily maintenance of the car is particularly important.


We all know that a car has tens of thousands of parts, and each part has a function. In daily use, we don't need to care for all the parts, and we can't do it. However, the most basic conservation knowledge we need to understand. Below, let's take a look at the most basic vehicle daily maintenance knowledge.

1. Oil, machine filter

Engine oil and machine filter can be said to be the most basic but also the most important ones in maintenance. Every time you have to change the maintenance, you don't need to say more. However, the issue of maintenance time/mileage interval has been debated for a long time, but there is no problem with the result, and the maintenance time/mile interval of different models and cars is not the same. For this question, the author's point of view is not authoritative, but the author is also a more experienced "old driver", a little knowledge of car maintenance knowledge, the following points can be used for reference:

1 Economic conditions (referred to as local tyrants), according to the time (mileage) specified in the manufacturer's maintenance instructions for maintenance, there is absolutely no harm, such as most models are every 5,000 kilometers or semi-annual maintenance (first come Subject to);

2 It is considered that the maintenance interval specified in the manufacturer's maintenance instructions is not scientific, indicating that the white point is that it is a waste of money to do so (the author also supports this idea), then follow the following procedure, that is, no matter what model, how long the maintenance interval , mainly look at the oil:

I. Mineral oil: Don't get entangled, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions, be sure to oh.

II. Semi-synthetic motor oil: every 7500-100 km, no more than 8 months.

III. Fully synthetic motor oil: no more than 1 year per 10,000-15,000 kilometers.

The author believes that according to the above points to the maintenance of the car, under normal circumstances, there will be no problem, and this can also use the oil performance and its best effective period to the extreme, otherwise if the fully synthetic motor oil is changed every 5000 kilometers It’s a waste of it.


I believe that many riders around are worried about a problem, that is, if you do not follow the manufacturer's instructions to do maintenance on time, there will be problems in the warranty period 4S shop will refuse to pay, in fact, this need not worry. It is understood that a large number of riders will not choose to maintain in the 4S shop, because considering the 4S shop parts and working hours are more expensive than the outside repair shop, but now even if not in the 4S shop maintenance, the warranty period came out The problem 4S shop can not refuse to pay, because the Ministry of Transport issued the "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Maintenance Management" issued in 2015 clearly stated: "The repairing party has the right to choose the maintenance operator for maintenance. In addition to the automobile manufacturer to perform defective automotive products. In addition to the recall and the quality of the 'three guarantees' of the car, no unit or individual may force or disguise the establishment of maintenance operators.” That is to say, even during the warranty period, consumers have the right to choose where they want to go for repairs. maintenance.

The car has a problem, 4S shop can not be without warranty, because the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine added a note: "The home car products are not maintained by the 4S shop authorized by the producer, the quality problems appear as long as there is no causal relationship with the maintenance, or In the maintenance of other car 4S shop did not cause damage, the operator can not be exempted from the three-package responsibility. Simple, for example, you have done maintenance outside, changed the oil filter, your car shock absorber leaked, 4S shop Can you not lose your shock absorber? Certainly can't, the shock absorber is replaced with the oil machine filter gossip! Moreover, the author's experience can tell you very responsibly, even if you have done maintenance outside, the engine is out of order, this time we can not determine whether it is the engine itself or the oil machine filter changed outside, but as long as You are strong enough (sufficient rogue), as long as the warranty period, 4S shop will generally be repaired and replaced for you free of charge.

However, although the legal protection we can not go to the 4S shop for maintenance, I believe that the 4S shop to the formal (factory authorized) is relatively more secure and safer. First, because 4S shops are authorized by the manufacturer, technically guaranteed, and the inspection of the car is more comprehensive; second, because the original repair parts of other repair shops are not mostly original parts. One is because manufacturers that are strict with suppliers are not allowed to circulate to non-manufacturer operators, and second, because the original parts are higher than the sub-factors. Therefore, the author still recommends that the majority of riders go to the regular 4S shop for maintenance, but the maintenance interval can be adjusted according to their own circumstances, of course, local tyrants can be ignored.

2. Air filter, air conditioning filter

The air filter is related to whether the engine breathing is smooth, and the air conditioning filter is related to the air quality inside the car. These two are more important. The author thinks that it can be replaced on time according to the replacement cycle on the maintenance manual. Of course, it is also appropriate to advance or delay about 10,000 kilometers. No problem.

3. Glass water, antifreeze, air conditioning refrigerant

I believe that many drivers don't even know where to add the glass water. Wake up, it's time to make up for it. Glass water is actually something that is related to safety. If it is not, it must be added in time. If the temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius, it is no problem to add natural water directly; however, if the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, especially in the north, be sure to add antifreeze that can resist the local world, that is, the freezing point should be lower than the local temperature. Otherwise, the glass water freezes and it is easy to freeze the kettle.

Antifreeze is a thing that is very neglected by riders, because antifreeze is generally not reduced. However, antifreeze also has a shelf life. After a long time, it will deteriorate, and it will also absorb a lot of water, which will affect the engine cooling effect. Therefore, it needs to be replaced on time. The specific replacement cycle can refer to the maintenance manual, generally changing from 4 to 50,000 km. .

Air-conditioning refrigerant: When the air-conditioning refrigeration effect is not good, if it is due to the lack of air-conditioning refrigerant after inspection, it can be added according to the amount.

4. Brake fluid, transmission oil, power steering oil, clutch oil, differential oil


Brake fluid: Instructions are included in the maintenance manual, usually 40,000 km. However, the author asked the master (the river and the lake number: egg), the brake fluid should be tested before it needs to be replaced. The general inspection method is: sampling, and then use the instrument (magnifying glass) to observe the moisture content of the sample, if the content exceeds the standard, replace.

Transmission oil: Replace it according to the requirements of the maintenance manual, generally 80,000 kilometers.

Steering power: Most vehicles now turn to electric assist and are maintenance-free. If your car's steering power is hydraulic, you need to change the steering oil on time. Please refer to your own maintenance manual for the replacement cycle.

Clutch oil: The friends of the manual transmission model should pay attention to the fact that the clutch oil needs to be replaced, so as to ensure the long-term smooth operation of the clutch, and the replacement cycle is also referred to the maintenance manual.

Differential oil: Maybe many riders don't know what the differential is. In fact, you don't need to understand too much. You only need to have at least one differential for each car. In general, the differential without the differential lock does not need to replace the differential oil, and the model that needs to be replaced can be replaced according to the replacement cycle required in the maintenance manual.

5. Battery

The general life of the battery is at least 2-3 years. Usually, it is a good habit to use the car. Simply put, it is not allowed to use the electric appliance for a long time in the flameout state. Good car habits can prolong the service life of the battery. When the car has difficulty in ignition, it is when the battery needs to be replaced.

6. Wiper blade, wiper motor, glass water pump

Wiper blades: When you find that the wiper can't clean the glass, or when the wiper has abnormal noise, you need to replace the wiper.

Wiper motor, glass water pump: Replace it when it fails, otherwise it does not need to be ignored.

7. Transmission belt

Transmission belts for generators and air-conditioner compressors can generally be used for more than 80,000 kilometers. If the hair is fluffed or damaged, it needs to be replaced.

8. Spark plug

The spark plug replacement cycle is similar to engine oil, according to the level:

1 ordinary nickel alloy spark plug: replacement every 1.5-2 million km;

2 Platinum spark plug: replacement every 40,000 km;

3 sheet metal spark plugs: replacement every 4-6 million kilometers;

4 铱Platinum spark plug, double sheet metal spark plug: replacement every 100,000 km;

5 Competitive Platinum Spark Plug: Generally used for super-running and other models, the price is expensive, and the replacement cycle depends on the actual test situation.

9. Fuel filter

Many people only know that the oil has a filter and needs to be replaced every time. In fact, the fuel is also a filter, and the price is generally much more expensive than the oil filter, also need to be replaced, but the replacement cycle will be longer, generally speaking, every 80,000 km can be replaced, you can refer to your own maintenance manual.

10. Throttle

In general, the throttle only needs to clean the carbon deposit regularly. When you feel the idling instability, jitter, acceleration, etc., you can clean the throttle.

11. Ignition coil

Ignition coils generally do not need to be replaced. If the vehicle is found to be abnormally shaken, acceleration is weak, etc., you can go to the 4S shop to check if the ignition coil has failed.

12. Brake pads, brake discs

Brake pad and brake disc replacement cycle is closely related to everyone's driving habits and car environment (road conditions). There is no fixed standard. Generally speaking, there is no problem with a brake pad of more than 40,000 km. Some models are equipped with warning sounds. Or warning, this is more convenient. However, there is no need to worry about it. When the friction material on the brake pad is ground to the steel back warning line (the technician can check it every time), the brake pad is replaced. For the brake disc, generally, the brake is replaced twice. It is best to replace the brake disc once. The wear limit of the brake disc is generally 2mm.

13. Shock absorber, shock absorber spring

Shock absorbers and shock absorbing springs generally have a long service life, especially shock absorbing springs. In general, the shock absorber does not need to be replaced without serious oil leakage, severe noise or functional failure, and vice versa. The shock absorbing spring does not need to be replaced if it does not encounter an accident or if it is broken due to its own quality problems.

14. Tires

The tire replacement cycle is similar to that of the brake pads. It is different driving habits and different road conditions. The difference in tire wear will be very large. Some violent people can play the tires without moving. What else is there to say, we have the money to be willful. Can't manage it. However, tires also have wear limits, and each tire has a number of wear limit marks on the tire's longitudinal drain. The finger pointed at the above figure is the extreme wear mark of the tire, which is generally 1.6mm thick. That is to say, when the tread pattern is worn to be flush with this mark, it means that the tire needs to be replaced, which is so simple and rude. .

The above is the knowledge that the author thinks every driver needs to know, and it is also the most basic. In addition to these, we also encourage everyone to learn more about the car maintenance, so that we can understand our car more, and more scientifically to protect them.

In the eyes of the author, the car is really human, you are good to it, it will naturally not treat you badly.

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