What is the outlook for the auto finance industry? What are the benefits of the major auto finance companies?

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The auto finance industry is now more than just an auto finance company. In the past one or two years, it has expanded from a purely traditional auto finance company (and a small number of guarantee companies focused on auto mortgages) to a financial leasing company that focuses on auto finance leasing. From the topic guessing the subject should be prepared to join the auto finance company, there is a mention of BASE, may be a sales position.


Take this as a hypothesis:
1. In the industry outlook, the market penetration rate of China's auto mortgages (including loans and financial leasing) is far lower than that of Europe and the United States and even other BRIC countries. At present, the level of about 20% has a prospect of quadrupling the blue ocean market. Auto finance companies and financial leasing companies are still building up to divide the cake. The industry has strong talent demand for the two core positions of the front and back office – sales management and credit approval. In the next 5 years, it has a certain industry background and work. Experience and word-of-mouth personnel will have better opportunities for promotion and job-hopping. Most auto finance companies are headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai. They are no longer restricted by the China Banking Regulatory Commission to set up branches and offices in various provinces and cities, except for financial leasing companies (not regulated by the CBRC). However, sales management positions basically require long-term business trips and meetings.

2. Although cakes continue to grow, market competition will become more and more fierce, and the risk of bad debts of financial companies will continue to increase, especially for auto finance companies and financial leasing companies that are not targeted at local vehicle mortgages.

3. Salary and welfare and hidden benefits, although certainly not comparable to the auto host factory in the absolute position of the party, but also belong to the industry with higher average salary level. Take the joint venture brand auto finance company as an example, the account manager of the sales management work should have an average income of more than 100,000 students (including travel subsidies, car stickers, phone bill subsidies, performance bonuses, year-end bonuses, etc.). The industry experience of 3 years can reach more than 200,000, and the income of the account manager or the district level supervisor can reach 300,000-500,000.

4. Hidden welfare, there are more business trips, but there are 4,500 accommodation standards, and often take the plane, it is easy to get the VIP card of the hotel or airline, accumulate STAY and mileage. In addition, with the identity of the manufacturer, car dealers will have better arrangements and pick-ups, and there will be specialties or even red envelopes during the holidays. The financial leasing company without the OEM brand, the automobile manufacturer of the OEM brand, the automobile finance company of the joint venture brand, and the automobile finance with the dealer inventory financing will gradually increase the hidden welfare.

5. On the choice of career choice, it is recommended to start from a joint venture brand financial company with a long set-up time, a better training promotion, a larger market, and more exercise opportunities, such as General Finance, SAIC Finance (non-joint venture brand, but with cooperation background) After a long time of establishment, after 3 years of experience, you can level up to the same level of luxury brands, joint venture brands, higher-level positions of domestic brands, as well as some newly-built auto finance companies and financial leasing companies (currently Great Wall Finance, Geely Finance; Chuangfu Leasing Co., Ltd., a financial leasing company that has already established but is transforming into a car mortgage (currently such as large leasing, pioneer leasing) has developed at a higher level.

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