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Today, innovative entrepreneurship and new management models are in demand. The world of work is changing. The Zurich-based interior designer and designer Nader A. Taghavi creates flat hierarchies in his company GODUTCH, thereby shortening decision-making channels. At the wheel of the new Touareg, he explains why design, comfort and innovative mobility are indispensable to him.

Zurich - the new Touareg in the streets of the trendy Wiedikon. At the wheel sits the interior designer and entrepreneur Nader A. Taghavi. He stops in front of a warehouse to pick up a dresser. It is part of a new project. The piece of furniture is quickly stowed away in the spacious boot. Before going to the wood workshop, the 52-year-old travels to his favorite café with the Volkswagen flagship, the Touareg in Pure White¹. The sun is shining, Taghavi gets out and looks for a quiet place. "My workday starts with a coffee and many pictures. I think up stories about people and spaces. I get inspired first before it gets to work, "says Taghavi.

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"My working world has become much more mobile. Partners and colleagues act from different locations. That's why I travel a lot and use digital communication channels. "

Nader A. Taghavi

Collegial leadership style.

The company GODUTCH, which he leads together with his partner Max Korpiun, is located in the same district. "Every project starts with the said stories. We talk to our clients to develop an understanding of each brand and company. "


Taghavi brings together architects, designers and exhibition designers in his company GODUTCH. "I would call my leadership style collegial. Although I am an owner, I see myself as part of a team where everyone has their job and responsibilities. In the end, we bring all our expertise and ideas together - making projects successful and fun to work on. "

Workplace of the future.

Nadar A. Taghavi is in constant contact with colleagues, customers and cooperation partners. His job requires accessibility and mobility. "I am traveling a lot. I have work assignments in different places. That's also why the car has become my second job: I communicate on the road and need immediate access to my documents and documents. "Taghavi pulls out his smartphone - one of his most important work tools - and connects it to the vehicle.


Taghavi finds the optimum conditions with the Innovision Cockpit¹ in the new Touareg. Here, the digital instruments and the 38 cm (15-inch) touch display embedded in the fittings merge to form an operating, information, communication and entertainment unit. Switches and buttons are almost completely gone. The display reflects the smartphone of Taghavi. So he calls all the functions that he needs in the daily work, also here. "I can see pictures and notes and use the telephone function via voice control."


"I am traveling a lot. The car has become my second job. With the Innovision Cockpit in the Touareg, I can call up many functions that I need in my day-to-day work. "

Nader A. Taghavi

Interior designer Nader A. Taghavi shows high-resolution images of his prestigious project "BrandGym". Thanks to the 38 cm (15-inch) screen of the Innovision Cockpit, presentations can even be implemented in the Touareg.


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Multifunctional room.

Following the principle of sustainability Taghavi tackles many of his tasks. One of them is the "BrandGym", a meeting place in the Bern headquarters of a major Swiss communications company. The interior designer shows pictures of his most interesting project on the display of the Innovision Cockpit. "We looked for objects - existing and used objects - from which we created new objects with new functions. This can then be pieces of furniture that we find at antique dealers and work up. But it can also be thousands of discarded tennis balls, which now function as sound insulation and as a basis for furniture. Ultimately, the 'BrandGym' is a multifunctional space made of highly recycled materials, "explains Taghavi.


The Touareg opens new style worlds. A cool high-tech look, warm wood and leather shades or sporty details - with the "Elegance" ¹, "Atmosphere" ¹ or "R-Line" design packages ¹ there  is something for everyone.



Interior as a space of inspiration.

The interior of the Touareg offers many possibilities of design. So different personalization options are to meet the individual taste. Leather seats and applications as well as decorative inlays in brushed aluminum make a clear statement in the "Elegance" trim line. "The interior of a car is a limited space in which you spend a lot of time. It is important to me that I can also be inspired here. The Touareg offers me this opportunity in terms of design and comfort. It comes in contact with the materials, so their valence is very important to me. Especially the generous panorama roof ¹  impresses me. It creates a connection between the interior and the outside world. That's way to think a lot more freely, "explains Taghavi.

Dynamics and space on a new level.

Taghavi controls the Touareg with a 6-cylinder V6 TDI SCR 4MOTION engine (fuel consumption in l / 100 km: urban: 7.7 / out of town: 5.9 / combined: 6.6; CO₂ emissions, combined, in g / km: 173; efficiency class: B) and 210 kW (286 hp) out of the city. On a country road in the Zurich area shows the SUV its versatility. The Touareg is supported by a large number of intelligent assistance systems ¹ . "The dynamic SUV design of the exterior is in line with the driving dynamics. With this vehicle, I can well imagine going on longer trips, "enthuses Taghavi.

The Touareg sets new standards in the SUV segment: In addition to the expressive and forward-looking design, optional technology highlights ¹   such as the electromechanical roll stabilization or the IQ.LIGHT - LED matrix headlights inspire.


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In front of the wood workshop "Feuerholz" in Bülach near Zurich, the Touareg comes to a halt. Taghavi accompanies projects from the conception to the finished installation. Today he wants to deliver the dresser for processing. "The car has become indispensable for me. I transport many materials. Often I do not look for furniture and other things, but find them on my raids. Then I spontaneously need enough storage space to be able to take it with me immediately, "explains Taghavi, holding his foot under the rear for a moment. The boot lid unlocks and opens as if by magic. "Function has a lot to do with comfort. The Easy Open feature ¹ is another comfort component that supports me in my business activities, "says Taghavi. The trunk offers a volume of about 810 to 1800 liters - in addition to the dresser can also find many other materials space.


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The new Touareg has grown in every dimension. Outside, he sets new standards with his expressive and forward-looking design. Inside, it convinces with many individual design options. "Design is always in the service of comfort. It should simplify things and fulfill functions. With the Touareg I can now work on the road, as I find all the technical prerequisites and conveniences there, "concludes Taghavi, getting in and driving to his next appointment in Zurich's city center.        

Experience comfort, driving pleasure and innovative technologies at a high level - configure your Touareg according to individual wishes and needs. 


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