2019 BMW 3 Series appearance looks young and activity,which suitable for young people

The car introduced to you today is the BMW 3 Series. First of all, the car is sporty in appearance, and the front end adopts a family-style design style. The kidney grille is surrounded by chrome trim strips. The LED light source used on the headlights on both sides has a good lighting effect at night. The proportion of the side of the body is evenly angular, and the tail is designed with a more homely style.

2019 bmw interior parts

In the interior of the car, the center console adopts a two-color collocation, which has reached the level that should be at the price level in terms of workmanship and materials. The full LCD display panel and the centrally controlled multimedia display integrate most of the practical functions in the car. The steering wheel adopts a three-piece design style, and the chrome-plated decoration around the air-conditioning vents makes the storage design of the car user-friendly. The space aspect of the car generally satisfies everyday household use. The size of the trunk is good enough to meet the daily travel needs of our family. The car seat is made of leather, which has good wrapping properties. The interior of the car seat is soft and does not feel tired when driving long distances.

2019 bmw 3 series interior parts

The car feels good in terms of handling, and it starts quickly, and the rear section accelerates its power. The steering wheel is very light, the pointing is accurate and there is no virtual position. The chassis training is relatively solid. The grip at high speed is also very good. There is no feeling of lightness. In the sharp turn, the car has good support. In terms of power, the car is more inclined to exercise, so there is no need to worry about power. To meet our daily travel and family car, the fuel consumption in the urban area is only about 8 points.

2019 bmw 3 series interior

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior

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