In 2018, the scale of automotive interiors continues to increase, and individualization and customization become the trend [Photos] | LFOTPP

In 2018, the scale of automotive interiors continues to increase, and individualization and customization become the trend [Photos]

New car sales don't make money, dealers use their brains Leiendo In 2018, the scale of automotive interiors continues to increase, and individualization and customization become the trend [Photos] 5 minutos Siguiente Luxury car sales list in China in July: Mercedes-Benz wins Lexus super Cadillac

The scale of automotive interiors continues to increase, and comfort becomes a major concern

Automotive interior products mainly include instrument panels, door trims, armrest boxes, pillar guards, carpets, canopies, air conditioning control panels, door handles, etc., generally with decorative, functional and safety attributes, interior Quality is directly related to the comfort of the car.

In recent years, under the trend of consumption upgrading, the vehicle travel attribute has gradually weakened. When consumers finally prepare to buy a car, the comfort of the car becomes the first attribute that consumers pay attention to, while the car's reputation, promotion and fuel consumption are only about 20%.

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As a result, interior quality has become a major selling point for automobiles, and the automotive interior industry is welcoming rapid development. The data shows that in 2016, the global automotive interior market is 61.7 billion US dollars. It is estimated that the global industry compound growth rate will reach 7.51% from 2016 to 2020.

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As the world's largest automobile production and sales country, China's interior market accounts for about 25% of the world's total, and the bicycle interior value is slightly lower than the global average. With the upgrade of consumption, the value of China's bicycle interior is expected to gradually increase, and the growth rate of the interior market is expected to exceed 7.5%.

At this stage, China's automakers are accelerating the deployment of automotive interior products. In 2012-2016, interior products accounted for an increasing proportion of vehicle costs, and the current interior cost of the entire vehicle has exceeded 20%.

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In terms of corporate competition, overseas interior giants include Virginia, Antonglin, Hexi, Toyota Textile, Lear, Magna, etc. The interior business has achieved revenues of more than $5 billion, mainly in Virginia and Anton. forest. From the perspective of the downstream OEMs, Faurecia, Antonglin, Lear and Magna are all participating in the global car supplier. The Japanese and Korean interior suppliers will prefer to supply the Japanese and Korean brand automakers.

The domestic interior market pattern shows a super-strong situation. The Yanfeng system of Huayu Automobile has a leading position. The downstream customers include SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, SAIC Passenger Vehicle, FAW-Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Beijing Hyundai, Great Wall, Jianghuai, Geely, etc.; Ningbo Huaxiang, Top Group, Yimei Shares, Changshu Auto Accessories, etc. all successfully entered the joint venture brand; Xinquan shares and other focus on independent brands, achieving rapid growth.

Personalized customization has become the main development trend of the automotive interior industry

The process is developing towards integration. At present, the production process of automotive parts has reached a high level, and the future research on the process will not be limited to quantification, but will be more optimized for process details. With the gradual emergence of the trend of product development, companies in the industry have more status as automakers providing trim assembly products. In order to further optimize the production process and improve production efficiency, the company needs to continuously research the equipment, molds, materials and processes, and integrate the front and back processes of the injection molding process to realize the integrated process development, which is conducive to improving the production of automotive parts. Efficiency, reducing production costs. At the same time, through process integration, human intervention in the production process will be reduced, thereby effectively improving product precision and reducing production safety accidents. Therefore, the development of technology to integration is conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises, and will become an inevitable trend of technological development in the future industry.

Customization, personalization, and branding have become trends. Customization refers to providing individualized car accessories solutions for car owners and meeting them in a short period of time. At the same time, car owners can participate in the design and manufacture of car accessories, and gradually become the requirements of some car owners.

Careful creation of the market demand, automotive accessories will be further segmented the market, to provide meticulously created services for the car owners, the market will appear in the face of carefully crafted car accessories brand, and carefully crafted car accessories because the pricing will not be too high, So it will also become the choice of mid-level owners.

Personalization means that the customer base is further subdivided. Age, occupation, model, car grade, gender, car owner preference, etc. will all become the reference standard for customer segmentation. Car accessories will be personalized according to the diversified segments of these groups. In addition, research on the changes in the demand of female car owners will also become a highlight of the industry's personalized trend.

Finally, the current car accessories market has not yet seen a very strong brand, and there are no big companies that can generate enough influence, but the owner's awareness of branded consumption is already very strong. This market will generate some enterprises with popularity and become the owner of the car. The priority of the jewelry.

The above data and analysis are all from the Prospective Industry Research Institute's 2018-2023 China Automotive Interior Industry Market Demand and Investment Planning Analysis Report.



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