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There is a lot of debate about whether the new car needs to change the floor glue. 

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Some people say that the cost of paving glue is low and easy to take care of, so that you can prevent dirty carpets when you get on the bus on rainy days, and you can also reduce noise: some people say that installing glue is not environmentally friendly and will release toxic gases to harm the human body. in addition, in summer, the moisture is high and the water condenses under the glue. 
Stop the moisture from volatilizing under the carpet, maybe. 
It'll speed up the rust. 
In fact, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. 
Whether or not to lay glue depends entirely on personal preferences. 
A lot of high-end cars are not covered with glue, the choice of high-grade blankets. 
The quality of the glue is also good and bad, the price ranges from more than 100 yuan to a few hundred yuan. 
I advocate, if choose to lay ground glue must choose good brand, good ground glue has original car chassis shape, do not have joint, reserve seat hole, tuyere, slide way and so on, edge and corner is in place, not easy to break, do not need glue to stick. 
Material surface selection pure PVC, bottom surface selection of high-quality soundproof cotton: environmental protection, no: toxic, tasteless, soundproof, anti-static, flame retardant, easy to clean and do I fine, according to the installation is fast and convenient, the price is reasonable. 
First, we must choose products that have passed the national inspection. 
A good brand warranty is usually more than five years. 
Otherwise, no bunk at all. 
Do not install extract out of greed for cheapness. 
If you exceed the standard, you're not the only one who will suffer. 


Four s shop free copy of the fake glue, do not shop the best! 
The pseudoskeleton is made of recycled soles and old raw materials such as old ones. 
There's a pungent smell.-it breaks. 
Car manufacturing in order to reduce the cost of laying only a layer of felt in the car, the owner of the car after the decoration of the floor glue common sense is not enough, spent money but can not achieve the purpose of protection! 
Experts told the real car glue as a whole is no joints, flame retardant, waterproof, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly. 
There is a layer of moisture-proof soundproof cotton on the back, the imitation sewn adhesive can not achieve the purpose of protecting the chassis, Rain Water, smoke dust, juice mold will erode the chassis to pollute the air inside the car. 

Now the domestic already has the environmental protection seamless integral soundproof flame retardant automobile ground adhesive. This kind of advanced automobile floor adhesive has four advantages over the traditional floor adhesive. 
Its material after summer sun exposure will not appear pungent smell, more durable than the traditional 6-8 years. 
Secondly, its shape is the whole machine hot pressing molding, concave and convex size is accurate, so the installation is very convenient. 
In addition, it has a strong anti-penetration and anticorrosion performance, easy for car owners to easily remove. 
To get rid of the oil and dirt on it. 
Identification method of true and false gum. 
The sun doesn't smell when you smell environmentally friendly car floor glue. 
Fake car glue -. Turning on the heat or the sun has a pungent smell, that is, the volatilization of middle aldehydes, 
If it's soft, elastic and can't tear. 
The false ground glue breaks as soon as it is torn and has a service life of less than a year. 
Look at the real car glue is jointless, seamless line back there is a layer of moisture-proof epitaxial cotton, the paving process does not need to be glued.

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