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Car beauty, how to remove the smell inside the car?

1. Sniff with your nose when choosing a car. 
The first thing to avoid "poisoning" is to choose a car with a low smell. 
You don't need to buy professional instruments, you don't need to ask a third party to test, just smell it with your nose. 

Where the nose can smell a strong smell of the car, even if the car companies brag about no matter how environmentally friendly, it is limited. 
Note that you have to get into an untreated new car, with the exception of the managed showroom. 
It's not enough to test yourself. if conditions permit, take your children to the scene to test one-for commercial substances, children are far more sensitive than adults, children feel uncomfortable or feel sleepy as soon as they get into the car. 
If you like the models have smell and do not want to change cars, you can choose the car with a lighter smell. 
Include "in-car air quality" in the contract. 

Car beauty, how to remove the smell inside the car?
2. Use the correct label of gasoline. 
The use of low-grade gasoline will not only cause poor refueling and body jitter, but also lead to inadequate combustion and increased emissions. 
In addition to carbon dioxide, these emissions also include carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides and larger particles, which enter the carriages through air conditioners and "poison" passengers. 
In addition, the engine should be regularly maintained, clean up carbon deposition, maintain a good state, and develop the habit of shutting down the engine. 
Idle speed is the largest emission of many engine conditions, rather than sitting in the idle car waiting for a long time, it is better to stand in the hot summer on the top of the F car than sit in the idle car for a long time. 

Car beauty, how to remove the smell inside the car?
3. Open more windows and use more activated carbon and orange peel. 
It is a mistake for many people to buy strong aromatic perfumes to cover up the smell of new cars. aromatic perfumes can only cover up, not eliminate, and many of the perfumes that do not pass the standard are harmful volatile substances in themselves. 
It is suggested that more windows should be opened and activated carbon, orange peel and other environmental protection substances should be placed in the car to deodorize. 
Car washing is also a good way to remove odors from the car. 
Within six months of the purchase of a new car, the frequency of car washing should be increased, twice a week, with emphasis on cleaning the carriages, and washing the central console, dashboard, steering wheel and chairs many times. these parts are the main source of harmful gases. 

4. Air conditioning! 
The air pollution in the car comes not only from the raw materials used in the production, but also from the unclean air from the outside world. 
In this regard, air conditioning is the "door god", its performance directly determines the level of air quality in the car. 
The correct way to use air conditioning is: every once in a while, switch mode, can not only open the internal cycle for a long time, can not open the external cycle for a long time; every once in a while, open the window to change the air. 
In addition, the air conditioning grid must be frequently replaced to avoid the breeding of microorganisms and germs. 

Car beauty, how to remove the smell inside the car?
5. Don't modify it at will. 
Car modification and house decoration-like, after the modification will remain a large number of harmful substances, if not paid attention to, the injury will only be their own. 
Moreover, at present, the refitting market in China is far from standardized, the sources of refitting accessories are different, the refitting level is uneven, and even the modification shops do not know what kind of pollution the refitting will cause, let alone how to deal with it. 
Therefore, the safest way is to refuse to modify it. 
When parking, the underground parking lot is preferred. 
People who are used to driving cars know that after a long period of high temperature exposure, the smell in the car will not be very good, which contains a lot of volatile toxic gases. 
It is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun, before driving, open the door, start the engine, turn on the air conditioning, cool down and breathe for 35 minutes, people are waiting outside. 
Here is also a reminder-point, do not drink in the car after exposure to plastic bottled water, after exposure, the original clean will become unclean.

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Car beauty, how to remove the smell inside the car?

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