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The world's top ten extended luxury cars

Cadillac DTS sedan P This is an extended car, the interior of the car is personalized, with a large screen TV, special lighting system, leather car seat and so on.

Ford Hiker: This car is a multi-purpose recreational sedan like the Hummer, Infiniti, and the Navigator. It is similar to the voyager.


Lincoln Voyager Plus Car: This car is also one of the most popular luxury cars. From the bottom of the car to the light, to the design, this car is really worth a look.


Hummer H2 extended sedan: Hummer H2 extended sedan combines strength and extreme luxury.


Cadillac Escalade sedan: This can accommodate 17 people. It is equipped with fiber optic lighting and LCD TV.


Covet limousine: We put it here, but it looks a bit strange, but it is still very "sexy". Party car: This car is very special, the exterior is very modern, the interior is all leather, there is a large screen TV and fiber optic lighting system.


Infiniti QX56 sedan: The car can accommodate 20 people, including a bar, DVD player, large-screen TV, fiber optic lighting system, surround sound and so on.


Chrysler 300 sedan: This car is 140 inches long and has 10 people. It is very popular in the rental market.


Mazda RX-7 third-generation sedan: This car should be able to win everyone's favorite. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged rotor engine and has an electric door lock.


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