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12 pieces of cold knowledge about cars, do you know all these car knowledge?

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You said that you love the car, you said that you are car-loving, you said that you are born for the car, then how much do you know about the car? This is to test you, do you know the 12 cold knowledge about cars?

1. There is a line in the rearview mirror of the car. This is not awkward, but to increase the visual field range when driving, and to provide certain safety assistance to the driver to make a line, turn and observe the situation behind the parking;

2, the rear view mirror of the car is not the same on both sides, generally the left rear view mirror will be relatively larger. Because the rearview mirrors are convex mirrors, the mirror on the driver's side is large, the curvature is small, and the mirror on the other side is small, but the curvature is large, so that the left and right sides of the driver's field of view can be basically consistent;

3. The openings in the front face of all models of JEEP are 7;

4. According to the Bugatti Weihang chief tester, Weihang’s tires can not stand for 15 minutes in the extreme speed mode. Fortunately, in the Weihang speed mode, the fuel can only last for 12 minutes;

5. The highway was invented by Hitler. He built the earliest expressway in order to add a runway to the German fighter.

6, "Poor play car, rich play table", Bentley Tim Yue's optional center console clock, the price can almost buy another one;

7, thunderstorm days can not refuel, because the fuel gun is very easy to introduce stray current into the car fuel tank, causing fire, explosion and other safety hazards;

8, glass water is blue, and there is no special meaning, just want to tell the owner through the color: This is a toxic liquid, be careful to use;

9, the brake is about 20mm higher than the accelerator pedal, mainly to remind the driver to prevent accidental stepping on the throttle;

10, car safety with a secret function, that is, the seat belt will lock up and down the vehicle up and down the steep slope, can not pull out;

11. China has contracted one-third of the world's automobile manufacturing. As the world's largest automobile production and sales country, all the world's leading automobile brands have factories in China. China's automobile production has already accounted for nearly 1% of the world's total output in 2013. /3;

12, scrap cars are treasures, the price of many parts in the car is often higher than the product itself, the aluminum parts in the car after the scrap will be recycled, many mechanical parts will continue its life as accessories, plastic zero Parts will become recycled resources.


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