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The analysis of the present situation and prospect of car beauty, is the development of this industry good?

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"car beauty industry transformation breakthrough" read a lot of articles have described the car beauty industry as a "big cake" sentence, which made me once allergic. 
It is believed that many foreign investors will come to the tide when they see such articles and put their families into the auto beauty industry for many years. 
But what happened? 
Injury, death, I do not deny those successful layman investors, but "every other line like a mountain", this "cake" not everyone can eat! 

One day, there are a lot of car beauty shops. what can we do to break through? 
It's hard to imagine when a city is saturated to the point where car owners have a beauty shop every 300 meters. although the number of cars is growing every year, there is always a "surplus". 
You do car beauty,I also do car beauty, we set up the same project, the same service, then all that is left is the price competition. 
Yesterday you washed the car 30, today I wash the car 20, the day after tomorrow he washes the car 10 farce to be able to perform frequently, and the farce biggest beneficiary is the vast number of car owners, the beauty shop shares the price to obtain the real benefit, the biggest unfortunate person is the automobile cosmetology shop, for the price war, 

Not only did the profit not win, the service also did not keep up, which could be said to throw good money after bad. 

Avoid flooding phenomenon industry people are alert, or alarmist, some owners in the industry have begun to work hard for the development of beauty shops in the future. 
In addition to some of the items necessary for beauty shops, such as: 
1. Car watch care: micro-water washing, exquisite car washing, bottom plate cleaning, engine cabin cleaning, plastic beauty, polishing and refurbishment, metal parts brightening, tire brightening and anti-skid, glass polishing; 
2. Lacquer beauty: lacquer waxing, lacquer stain treatment, lacquer flying paint treatment, scratch repair, new car wax, oxide layer removal, lacquer scratch treatment; 
3. Interior beauty: car sauna, ozone disinfection, leather seat cleaning, interior photocatalyst, seat cover cushion cleaning, roof cleaning, door lining cleaning, dashboard cleaning care, peach wood cleaning, velvet cleaning, carpet. 
Deodorant, plastic interior cleaning nursing, whole car leather maintenance; 
4. Advanced beauty: body sealing, lacquer sealing glaze, lacquer coating crystal plating, real skin plating film, glass coating, etc., adding a lot of things for the car main car culture. 

Car beauty shop reform everything from "car" to "people" change modification is a kind of change, many car beauty shops will enter some helmets, anti-skid rack, racing clothing decoration, shock absorbers, suspension strengthening, and so on; 
There are also bosses who pay attention to the weather problems and make articles on it, such as car-borne refrigerators, car chargers, car vacuum cleaners, car heating cups, and so on. 

At present, the car owners are getting younger and younger, especially the 80-90 generations yearn for freedom, and they will spontaneously organize self-driving camping activities. this has made many beauty shop owners see business opportunities. 
Tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, picnic series (picnic tables and chairs), compass, towing rope and other items will be purchased selectively; 

Some bosses are the existing customers according to the type of classification, to build a car club, to provide relevant driver's license renewal, driving license replacement, rapid trailer repair and other vehicle services; 

Some bosses are even more surprising, through the car to drive the owner of other aspects of consumption, in first-tier cities have appeared car theme bars, car-themed restaurants and so on. 
In a word, the change of car beauty shop is an addition to the foundation, so that the original car service has become a service to people. 

It is better to seek change in times of disaster than to make a breakthrough now. although there will be ups and downs in the early stages, it is better than being in a hurry. 

So many owners have to think clearly about how their car beauty shop should develop in the future, just want to make a profit for a while or want to flow with a long stream of water.


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