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Every National Country's Automotive Demand Decide the Different of Design Concept

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The difference between the European  and American style, Japanese and Korean style cars from the design concept.

The concept of the car Europeans think that I can't have problems in the whole Europe. What Americans think is the car works great that I am going from the east coast of the United States to the west coast. The Japanese are answering the question from the Chinese,why the cars drive several years is not work?
 "Although You live in the car every day in japan, and you run 10,000 kilometers a year. Who get understand you ?"
 We ran 50,000 kilometers a year! The Japanese will chang cars after three years of driving. You have to drive for 15 years. Who are you want to blame with?"

European and American people development cars from people demands with imagination and research. Japanese people make cars for earn money. So he make cars consider that how to do is cheaper! Energy-stricken and oil prices rose in the 1970s. - He is the most fuel efficient.
Everyone knows how make the car save fuel? - Light car! (The drag coefficient is not the most fundamental factor, because the drag coefficient is related to speed.) 
Why do Europeans and Americans (especially German) do not produce the same fuel- effective cars?
When Japanese cars quickly occupy the market, What about the competition? Because they do not have the same purpose for cars! ! !

When the German want to make the car light, the idea is to replace the steel plate with aluminum alloy, which is costly and scary! When the Japanese want to make the car light, the two thick steel plates are directly replaced with 0.8. The Result is both lower costs and oil saving! ! !

Was the German really not think about this? Is it real stupid? The German really didn't think about it! But they are not an idiot absolutely! ! !

Every National Country's Automotive Demand Decide the Different of Design Concept

As I write before, since the geographical environment of life is different, the two have different understanding concept of the car, and they say that the purpose of making cars is different. What are the direct results? Two people drive Japanese car and German car at the same speed and hit the wall at the same speed. At 50 kilometers, the Japanese commentator said to the driver: "Look at this, this is the latest technology: engine sag technology, guaranteed not to Enter the driver's cabin damages the driver; this is a three-stage energy-absorbing structure made by the principle of collapse energy absorption, ensuring that it is fully deformed to absorb the collision energy to ensure the safety of the driver." 
(The German commentator only said a word to the driver: "Look, no problem." Then there was a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. After the collision, the German commentator was embarrassed to say to the driver: " Sorry, the car is scrapped!" The Japanese commentator shouted loudly to the driver: "You should down, drive so fast,you dare to hit the wall ."

If we walk the Japanese and Korean roads, waiting for the auto industry will be a disaster! 
All people involved in it must realize that their responsibility is great! Consumers including you and me! ! !


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