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The forester mixed the long test, because I like and write it

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When I was a child, it was the time when Subaru and Mitsubishi ruled the WRC. I was also suspenseful by Subaru. After work, the forester is also the most respected model of my level at the compact SUV, and this kind of admiration is entirely rational thinking. Because the forester has always been the most comprehensive and balanced SUV at this level.Seeing this, you may be worried that my evaluation of this car will be good and great.

Please rest assured, because the first impression of this generation of foresters is not good. At the New York Auto Show in early 2018, I first witnessed its release, which is quite disappointing.

Therefore, if it can't change my mind in the past six months, I will also ruthlessly vomit it in the mood of love and deep responsibilities. Please rest assured.This time we got the top model of the new forester, 2019 2.0i smart flagship EyeSight version. Some friends don't like us to measure the top, in fact, this is really good and bad.

Although the main selling model is more reference, but if you do not measure the top, many functions are not good, the value is not worth paying for it, how do we know?

You said yes.I believe that many friends should be like me, not very satisfied with the changes of this generation of foresters, especially from the static level, its changes are really sorry for the words "transformation" and "new", saying that the mid-term change may be more Right, in this regard, my colleague also asked the manufacturer's representative during the test drive, and the answer was very interesting.

Factory research believes that consumers are more satisfied with the design of foresters, so this change has only made minor changes. The central idea of design is to stabilize and keep the basic disk.

The design of the front of the car is actually good, and it is quite satisfactory. However, the shape of the "crab claw" of the taillights is really inconsistent with the whole car, and it does not match the foresters who are in the impression of the line.

The interior design ideas are still the same. The various configurations and displays involved in driving are all done by the small screen at the top, while the large screen below is only responsible for the entertainment system. However, for so many years, the following big screens have always lacked the "original sense". Only after you have used it will you believe that it is the original one.


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