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What is the performance of Honda CR-V?

Nowadays, the car has been separated from the past. Nowadays, the family car pays attention to the comprehensive performance, not only the space is large, but also the face value is high. Today we will take a look at the Japanese SUV Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V, which has experienced the "operator throttle", should be reborn now. Because of the previous oil problem, Honda has recalled 100,000 CR-Vs, which is a devastating blow to Honda. Fortunately, it finally came back, and gave the riders a perfect answer.

At the beginning of Honda, there was a saying that "buy engine to send cars", because Honda's main source is on the engine, engine technology can be said to be in a leading position in the world, many cars use Honda engines. Ok, don't talk nonsense, go directly to the topic.

The design of the front part is very dynamic. The chrome-plated decorative strip connects the headlights on both sides. The design style is not quite different from the current one, but the details are more delicate.
In terms of configuration, the high-equipped models give a set of timely four-wheel drive systems, and also have good road passability when the road conditions are not good. This is still very good.

There was no major change in the interior, which continued the current design style, but made minor adjustments in the process and materials of the central control.
Powered with a 1.5T engine, the maximum power is 193 hp, and matched with a 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox. The i-MMD hybrid system consisting of a 2.0L engine and a dual motor is still matched with a CVT gearbox.

In general, the car is only slightly different from the current one, but the details are more detailed and more in place. Now also at the end of the year, the national VI standard will also be put on the agenda, so it will also use the national VI standard to meet everyone. Let us look forward to it together.

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