Recognize these car knowledge, don't be fooled!

Although the old driver has a lot of experience, but the things passed down from the old driver are not necessarily right. After all, science is improving, car technology is upgrade.
Some of the previous knowledge of the car has been replaced in the long history. So recognize these little things and don't be fooled.

Recognize these car knowledge, don't be fooled!

First, the more heavy of the car, it is the safer .

Many people may be affected by the large trucks on the road. The the car is more heavy, it is the safer , but the fact is quite unreliable.

The safety of the car is not related to the car's weight . The safety of a car that mainly depends on the rigidity of the car body. Whether the front and rear buffers can absorb the force generated by most collisions, as well as the airbags and seat belts in the car; It shows more stability and has little to do with the safety of the car; on the contrary, increase car's weight will decline the control limit and braking performance .


Second, the car skin is too thin and unsafe.

When the door is opened and closed, some of the doors feel heavy, and some feel very thin. Then many people think thin skin car should be unsafe. The same reason, the safety of the car is related to the strength of the steel frame. For passengers and drivers, whether the car is able to keep the car body intact after the collision is the key! The car skin is affected by the damage of the small cockroaches and the problem of the sound insulation and grade of the vehicle.

Third, SUV is safer than sedan.

The SUV looks like a strong body, a long "high car", sitting in the car with a wide view, not being too worried about being chased, and then many owners think that the SUV should be safer than the sedan; well, if the SUV and the sedan are made Contrast, it is true that the advantage of SUV is obvious in the rear-end accident, but don't forget, the same price range, SUV is lower than sedan, and the above two points are more clearly, the safety of the car and the body steel strength of the rack is related, so who is safer than each other, it is indescribable.


Fourth, higher gasoline mark is better of the car.

After talking about the safety of the car, let's talk about the refueling. Many people think that 98 gasoline must be better than 92 gasoline, but in fact, the higher of the label is not the better. The gasoline label represents the octane number, which is the antiknock of gasoline. The higher of gasoline octane number, the temperature is higher at which it deflagrates. The choice of the vehicle for the gasoline label is mainly based on the compression ratio of the engine. The compression ratio of different engines isn’t the same, so the gasoline used in each vehicle is different. It is not necessary to increase the number of oil in the expensive vehicle. Depend on Instructions or the fuel tank cap note.

Fifth, buy a car to see sales, hot cars must no wrong.

Chinese people have a skill, that is follow the trend, and still follow the trend in blindly. Although there is a saying that "the eyes of the masses are bright", It does not apply to buying a car! Hot-selling cars are indeed high sales, and there are many people to buy, but are you sure that it is right for you? Do you want to visit the market or do you want to go to work or travel around the world?

Recognize these car knowledge, don't be fooled!

You need to know the purpose and use of your car, and then look at important indicators, such as price, fuel consumption, handling, power, configuration, appearance, etc., sort the indicators you value, and then pick the ones you want most. In short, hot-selling cars can't be bought, but you have to measure your own needs and make decisions, instead of looking at other people to buy, you think is nice and buy it.

Even the current car media have said that the car is perfect. In fact, no one is perfect, no car is finished, there is no perfect car in the world, and each has its own shortcomings and advantages. We just tell everyone the shortcomings and advantages, not like other people report good without bad. So it's not that we are blame anyone,and who we support, what kind of the car , what it will show, the scores are objective, and we can't adjust it.

Some people said that we watched article and felt that no car could be bought. In fact, it is not necessary. It may be that other media have said that the car is too perfect, always suggesting that you have to choose perfect. In fact, this is like marriage. It is the best for you. You like her strengths and don't care about her shortcomings. This is enough. Kristen Jaymes Stewart is good, but she is not necessarily for you.


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Recognize these car knowledge, don't be fooled!

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