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Is the car should be waxed, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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It is often asked that the demolition of younger sisters is now more and more people using invisible car clothes, then the traditional beauty is not good? Waxing can protect the car paint. Today we will talk about the benefits and disadvantages of waxing.

Car waxing, popularly speaking, like oiling shoes, is to protect the car paint, the beauty process of waxing the car without destroying the original paint bright surface and the material is intact.


Car waxing is good

(1) Waterproofing. Car wax can reduce the adhesion of water droplets on the paint surface by 60%-90%. The high-grade car wax can further flatten the water droplets remaining on the paint surface, which is flat, minimize the focus of water droplets on the sunlight, and make the body Free from erosion and damage.

(2) Anti-high temperature effect. The anti-high temperature effect of the wax is to effectively reflect the incident light from different directions and prevent the incident light from penetrating the clear paint. Causes the aging of the base paint to change color, thus prolonging the service life of the paint surface.

(3) Anti-static effect. By waxing off the air and dust and the friction of the body paint surface, not only can the static electricity of the car surface be effectively prevented, but also the adhesion of the charged dust to the car watch can be greatly reduced.

(4) UV protection. The ultraviolet light in sunlight is more easily refracted into the lacquer surface, and the anti-UV car wax fully considers the characteristics of the ultraviolet ray, so that the damage to the car watch is minimized.

(5) Glazing effect. One of the most basic functions of car waxing during glazing, the waxed vehicle can improve the smoothness of the paint surface to varying degrees, and restore the body to a bright color. How much is the car waxing?

The price of waxing in general cars is around 200. If it is polished and waxed together, it is about 500. Usually 2-3 months need to give the car a wax. The new car is also a wax that needs to be waxed!

(6) Grinding and polishing. Grinding and polishing car wax can be used when there is a slight scratch on the paint surface. If the scratches are not severe, the polishing and waxing operations can be done in one operation.

(7) It can form a strong and durable protective film on the surface of the paint, which has superior resistance to washing, acid rain and aging.

Car waxing has both advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantages are:

1, easy to oxidize

Car beauty will point out that waxing and sealing glaze, as a traditional paint maintenance method, can protect the paint surface for a certain period of time. They use petroleum as a solvent, so they are easily oxidized and form an "oxidation resonance" with the paint. In general, the car wax begins to oxidize in half a month and is completely oxidized after one month; the car glaze begins to oxidize in two months and is completely oxidized after six months. After the wax and car glaze are oxidized, the paint cannot be protected for a long time.

2, easy to wear paint

The general wax contains abrasive particles, and the paint lacquer is actually polished by the particles that are invisible to the naked eye. If the technique of waxing is to polish in a circle, then the car that is often waxed will have a circle of thin circles.

3, not resistant to high temperatures

Due to the dual effects of sunlight and engine work, the temperature of the paint surface is very high. In summer, the surface temperature of the hood can be close to the "boiling point", even in the winter, it can reach more than 30 degrees. At such high temperatures, the wax is easily melted and melted, and the melted wax will adhere to more dirt. Further damage to the paint surface. The car glaze also accelerates oxidation under the action of high temperature.

4, not easy to clean

Wax is soluble in water, so if the car just hits the wax and hits the rainy weather, the wax will be dissolved by the rain, which will not protect the paint and beauty. At the same time, because the wax is soluble in water, washing the car after the waxing has caused a lot of inconvenience. Although the car glaze is insoluble in water, it penetrates the coating into the car body and no longer provides any protection like wax.

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