How to sell a Tesla? You don't know the Tesla secret.

Tesla's sales are the happiest, because as long as it is T powder (premise that there is enough money) you will buy it without you introducing it.

Tesla's sales are the most tragic, because there are still many people in the world who don't know Tesla.
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At the beginning of this year, Tesla changed the company name from Tesla Motors Inc to Tesla, Inc. Why did Tesla make this change after 13 years of development? In fact, people who know Tesla will definitely smile, Tesla is not a car company, but now it’s just more justified. .

Tesla has launched its first electric sports car since 2003, but it is known for a few years. The public's impression of Tesla is electric cars and self-driving cars. But Tesla is positioning herself, but she is not willing to be with the car. They are more willing to be considered by the public as an IT company like Google or Microsoft.
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The traditional car is like a vegetable market - the 4S channel. "The goods are left to customers to choose, and the money is taken away. This is the traditional sales model of the traditional automobile industry. For the Internet company, Tesla's products are naturally Put it on the Internet and sell it through the online order, choose the configuration according to your own needs, and confirm that the Tesla vehicle that belongs to you after a few months will travel from the US to Guangzhou and deliver it to you. Tesla The sales are the happiest. In the early days, a lot of Tesla powder did not need anyone to explain to them, because they all know their needs very well. Just like the lines in the dream space: ideas are like viruses, adaptability. Strong, high infection. Simple idea - once rooted, you can grow until you control and destroy you. Once you like Tesla, you will fall in love with this brand and fall in love with their concept.
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But the reality is that there are still too few people who know Tesla and like Tesla, and those who have the conditions to buy Tesla are quickly saturated. How does Tesla respond? Because there is no traditional 4S shop, customers will not find a door, so they need to find their own customers. The easiest and most common method at the beginning is also telemarketing, which tells potential customers about the Tesla brand and their concepts.

When the Internet e-commerce army emerged, I believe many people predicted that retail sales would die. However, there are enterprises that have risen against the market. It has expanded at a rocket-like speed throughout the country. In just two and a half years, it has opened 1,400 stores at home and abroad, with nearly 20,000 employees, and has received crazy reports from major media. Since its establishment, the instructions have also risen in a straight line, and that is the famous product. To say so much, in fact, everyone knows that the customer experience is a very important thing, this is the online e-commerce anyway, no matter what. Therefore, Tesla needs to let more people feel and feel, rather than staying on the line.

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